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Qin Chuan is in a different world

Qin Chuan is in a different world

Qin Chuan is in a different world

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    Qin Chuan is in a different world
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2022-09-21 00:21:17
There are many creatures on the magic land, including Terrans, dwarves, elves, and the legendary dragon the human world of morwu continent is jointly ruled by the Tang Dynasty, which advocates martial arts, and the asvito Empire, which respects magic. Countless small countries survive in this gap with the dragon totem, Qin Chuan was unlucky to become a slave when he came to the magic land. A few years later, the war broke out again. Qin Chuan went to the battlefield and was a powerful Knight when he returned Qin Chuan started the war with the two overlords with his giant dragon pet. When the Dragon flag spread all over the mainland, all ethnic groups surrendered! The dwarves use the power of the whole family to forge the strongest artifact for him. The elves praise his legend, and the orcs are willing to fight for him

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