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To usher in an era

To usher in an era

To usher in an era

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1492 ratings
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    To usher in an era
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    He said
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    Mountain Book
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2022-09-20 01:16:34
Yi Qing has been in the world for ten years and has never understood the meaning of crossing. At the beginning, Yi Qing had some feelings about crossing, but she slowly calmed down after a peaceful life until today ten years later the sun rises as usual and the civilized order is overturned overnight. Half of the young adults were involved in the treacherous alien world and were forced to pick up the script and play the roles that should be doomed to tragedy, struggling to survive, as if they were offering humorous black comedies to the unknown great existence this is an era of restart, and is also the cruelest era the novel will take Yi Qing as the core, the three families in the small courtyard as the main body, and the perspective of small families to reflect the different situations of different families in the coming era and the development and continuation of civilized order. The story is long and requires patience.

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