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Different pupil against the sky

Different pupil against the sky

Different pupil against the sky

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9517 ratings
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    Different pupil against the sky
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    Teacher Ling's routine is deep
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    Air books
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Shen Wu orange, a successful middle-aged businessman, was unexpectedly reborn in the parallel world in 1996. At this time, at the age of 17, he obtained a special ability SHEN fog orange was filled with emotion when he learned that his theoretical remaining life span was only 20000 days and that he could spend his life to help himself do things that others could not do the dark green left eye is called no lie. It can be deducted by 5 days to find out someone's past year and 1 day to judge whether a person is lying or not the pink right eye is called looking through the three realms. 50 days will be deducted for discovering someone's future one year, and 100 days will be deducted for quickly understanding the major events in the world 20 seconds later of course, if he becomes a millionaire in an entertainment company that has made great contributions to the world, he will get an additional 10000 days of life let's witness this man's funny and colorful life together!

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