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Soul personnel record book

Soul personnel record book

Soul personnel record book

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    Soul personnel record book
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    A Chu Ci
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-09-22 10:58:47
Gong Chen is a playboy of the 21st century. He lingers in the place with red lights and willows day and night, so he was intoxicated with alcohol, and then he crossed when he woke up, he came to an intelligent AI claiming to be space. He said that he could only get the chance of rebirth after completing five tasks, but he didn't know how difficult and bumpy these so-called five tasks were short story short story note: novices are on the road, and their writing is abnormal. They play cards in the same routine. Pay attention to entering the pit when reading the text. You can spray the role, not the author, and update it from time to time.

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