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Saint: my husband is a peerless sword God!

Saint: my husband is a peerless sword God!

Saint: my husband is a peerless sword God!

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    Saint: my husband is a peerless sword God!
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    Linghu Qinglong
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    The One Book
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2023-01-18 08:05:10
Li Xinghe, a modern youth, crossed into a mysterious world and became a rich childe in Beihuang Prefecture on his 10th birthday, he awakened the system and set foot on the legendary holy land at the age of 18 only the system prompts him to hide for ten years. After ten years, there will be mysterious rewards at the age of 18, according to the agreement of her grandparents, she planned to marry Qin Xianer, a gorgeous and beautiful family girl with a wealth of thousands, the realm of sword cultivation continues to rise a beautiful and virtuous wife, warm and comfortable, endless romance born like this, what do you want one day, when his wife witnessed Li Xinghe standing in the air with a sword and a rustling robe, and his feet were the endless corpses of alien demons, she couldn't help exclaiming: "my husband is the peerless sword God!" Li Xinghe smiled smartly: "isn't my wife the invincible saint of the holy religion?"

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