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Huoying started by killing banzang

Huoying started by killing banzang

Huoying started by killing banzang

Rating: 9 / 10 from 4309 ratings
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    Huoying started by killing banzang
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    A dark horse in the crowd
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    Woske Novel
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When he came to the tolerance world and became a civilian, he wanted to lie flat until the awakening of a knife let him see his hope of mastering his destiny unfortunately, an accident broke a beautiful family the world needs peace! There is no need for the five tolerance villages to exist he fooled Miyan into pretending to be dead and secretly guided changmen to bring Xiao into his arms suppress yunnina village, secretly hunt its elites, and continue to weaken the effective power of the forbearance community during the nine tails rebellion, Yu Zhibo destroyed the family. When these two events happened one after another, a war caused by Wuren village broke out this will be the last war between forbearance villages the world is dark and the tolerance world is desperate. You are not born in the wrong era, but there is me in this era!!

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