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I found a journey to the West

I found a journey to the West

I found a journey to the West

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2047 ratings
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    I found a journey to the West
  • Author:

    The 101st trumpet
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  • Source:

    Air books
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When Lin Jiuhua took shape, there was a book called journey to the West< Br> in the book, there is a great demon giant named jiutou Chong. Lin Jiu, who has the same blood line, went all the way to bibotan to shelter under the command of the all saints Dragon King, hoping that one day, the jiutou Chong who came to bibotan could guide his path. suddenly one day, he saw an ancient book that said that since a street, there would only be one person in each generation for each ancient blood of the demon clan, which was unique< Br> "so, the nine worms in the book are myself?" Lin Jiu was holding the ancient books with a blank face< Br> "what should I do?"

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