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Reshaping civilization with civilization

Reshaping civilization with civilization

Reshaping civilization with civilization

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    Reshaping civilization with civilization
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    CT non CT
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    18ws Read
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2023-04-13 13:01:41
What I want to talk about is a vast cosmic civilization and the cosmology that mankind will change now and in the future this is not only a novel, but also a small gift I want to convey to the world. I hope to spread my ideas through the platform. Because there is no stronghold, the space and distance of information dissemination are limited, which will only decay and distortion. However, if we establish a stronghold at intervals in the whole universe, the information will spread all over the corner of the universe in a correct way, and even break through the universe. The stronghold is civilization, not destruction and conquest, but the collection of our civilization, Same - use my thinking to let you understand that high-level civilization is your greater beneficiary.

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