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Conan s strongest investigation

Conan s strongest investigation

Conan s strongest investigation

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    Conan s strongest investigation
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    Dream goldfish
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2023-05-10 15:28:58
Lightning protection: 1 It's true that I like Mingke's role, but that doesn't mean I will endure the abuse and curse from readers because I like the role. Some abusive comments, I will be banned for seven days or forever according to the situation< br>2. The update is slow, and the characters have OOC, so some extreme fans, such as XX, how can XX do this Personal attack)... This kind of, I will also abstain. Please don't click in such rude fans. It's good for you and me< br>3. The author glass heart, but it is not real glass. I can see your opinions, but only if you don't swear< br>4. Single female Lord mourns Introduction to the text: Mao Liyang, Mao Lilan's twin brother, the biological son of the waste wood detective, is also a Strider in the different world he went to higher education and graduated by leaps and bounds at the fastest speed, but when he returned to work, he suddenly found that there was an extra garlic in his family - Edogawa Conan the gear of fate never stops turning, but the pointer of years has turned back on some people he was cold eyed, but he didn't want to see his sister hurt after all because he knew who was the culprit, it was difficult for him to be honest with the tea haired girl after all but before he knew it, he was also attracted to the girl one is Japan's top secret weapon, and the other is a former researcher of a mysterious organization what kind of sparks will there be between them Book Group: 468892061 rowing group, you can enter if you are interested (^ ω^)。

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