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Supernatural powers

Supernatural powers

Supernatural powers

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    Supernatural powers
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    Always a novice
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2022-08-12 19:44:43
Introduction: This is Wan Jie Wen. As an awakened power, Li Sandao is lucky that he has the ability to travel through the heavens. As a power awakened the day after tomorrow, Li Sandao was very unfortunate. He got lost for the first time after his power awakened. When the power awakened, he was watching the male soldier company for the nth time, so subconsciously, he came to this world. The key is, what was the name of my old world! This is a very realistic person, looking for a way home story! Tentative world: Pirate King, Qin Shiming moon, zombie world, Douluo mainland, love apartment 5, beautiful ghost, home of the protagonist, night, Tomb Raider Comprehensive world, fox demon, marvel X-Men movie universe, Linglong wasteland, longzhuchao, others to be determined. Author's other works: I speak for marvel in the supernatural academy group No. 728973804, Group No. 2: 136186749 is always a novice novel group!

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