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Start of Douluo copy Haotian Douluo

Start of Douluo copy Haotian Douluo

Start of Douluo copy Haotian Douluo

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    Start of Douluo copy Haotian Douluo
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    Burning blood
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    Long Novel
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2023-03-18 21:44:21
This book is free and can't be missed this book is also known as Douluo I have countless martial spirits, Douluo I can copy countless martial spirits, Douluo I am really not a title, Douluo, starting from Douluo sign in invincible, Douluo sign in goddess invincible, Douluo: copy into God Ye buqun crossed the Douluo continent and obtained the martial spirit of the mirror beast for hundreds of millions of years. From then on, he began his life "are you sword Douluo? No, you are Haotian Douluo? Thunder Douluo, chrysanthemum Douluo? Damn it! Who are you?!" "it doesn't matter who I am. I just want to tell you that no matter how strong you are, I will be better than you. Because I can create another you." "blue Tyrannosaurus Rex family is willing to rely on!" "Qibao Liuli sect is willing to rely on!" "Haotianzong is willing to attach!" "Wuhun hall is willing to attach!" "xiangjiazong is willing to attach!" "broken people are willing to attach!" ... after almost all the mainland has been pocketed, ye buqun said: "forget it, you are free. I am used to freedom." Ye buqun: "this problem is really nerve racking." there are more than one million word old books, such as the God level fire shadow system of the pirate and the vice captain of the death of the pirate. You can go and have a look penguins: 498792123

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