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A fool in the peerless Tang clan

A fool in the peerless Tang clan

A fool in the peerless Tang clan

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    A fool in the peerless Tang clan
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    The land of tigers and wolves
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    Woske Novel
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2022-11-15 04:31:25
A time of glory and glory, an era of light and darkness in the land of the Three Kingdoms, the tide of steam swept all directions. The sun and moon are on the same day, and the roar of the soul guide frightens the greedy wolf what sparks will be generated by the fierce collision between soul force and gunpowder the center of the world, Shrek college, Tangmen, Lingmou youth, are they stepping into the palace of legend or just a silhouette of the glory of the past however, all this is just a plaything in the eyes of evil gods Why do you please us, ordinary people?

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