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The alien world of ancestors

The alien world of ancestors

The alien world of ancestors

Rating: 9 / 10 from 5752 ratings
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    The alien world of ancestors
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    Unearthed saplings
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    Only Novel
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After the promotion of the Dragon Emperor, the credits of the Dragon Emperor are 6, and the successor creates 6 Kingdoms! Over the past ten thousand years, the six kingdoms have controlled the world, and have the reputation of "the six kings of the zenith war, which will not overturn in ten thousand years"! Like a Tianshan Mountain, the great kingdom suppresses all spiritual masters in Fengyun continent, but the greed and competition for Dragon Emperor martial arts never stop the ancestor brought the earth demon 72 changes, separation, body fixing, shrinking the earth into inches, earth escape, Dharma, heaven and earth, four golden cudgels, Xuanyuan sword, Pangu axe, fairy rope, immortal killing sword, diamond carving, innate demon soul, super warship, atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, doomsday cycle bomb, and destroyer robot to the alien world! The ten thousand year catastrophe also... the game between martial arts and immortal methods, the competition between spiritual skills and supernatural powers, and the collision between ancient and modern times began to change with the addition of the ancestors! And there seems to be a bigger conspiracy in the passage of the ancestors?

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