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Escape from Asura

Escape from Asura

Escape from Asura

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    Escape from Asura
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    Bright moon and snow
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    Light Novel
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2022-12-08 11:20:15
The origin of human culture comes from myths, and myths are a lot of fascinating but unclear stories. It is said that in ancient times, the society of our Chinese nation at that time was ruled by God and man. Later, Gonggong and Zhuanxu failed to compete for the position of emperor of the tribe. Gonggong angrily hit Buzhou mountain, breaking the big pillar supporting the sky and the big rope tied to the ground. The sky tilts to the northwest, so the sun, moon and stars move here; The earth fell to the southeast, so the water and dust on the rivers and roads gathered here. Since then, gods and humans lived in different heaven and earth with the development of science and technology, human understanding of nature and the universe has reached the quantum level, but there are still many laws and phenomena that cannot be understood and recognized. Our protagonist Chang Xingjian is a frustrated post-80s intellectual youth. His spirit rose accidentally entered the cosmic gap between the moon and the earth - the Asura world. This book mainly presents to you the story of how he used various modern theories and knowledge to survive in the Asura world after he entered the Asura world. As for the situation of the Asura world in the book, Whether the protagonist can return to the world, please wait and see.

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