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Douluo supreme heaven

Douluo supreme heaven

Douluo supreme heaven

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    Douluo supreme heaven
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    Lonely figure in the snow
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-08-06 00:02:23
Lin Yi was originally an earth man, but he came to Douluo world by chance, and became the way of heaven in Douluo world as soon as he became the way of heaven in the Douluo world, he slept for countless yuan meetings. When he wakes up, he is fully integrated with the Tao of heaven in Douluo world. He is the Tao of heaven after he became the true way of heaven, he had no feelings and no seven emotions and six desires. It is selfless and completely equal to all creatures but then the creator God created the divine world, and the creator God dominated everything. He was forced to leave the world and go to the chaotic universe he saw the prosperity and decline of each race in the world of Douluo. The accomplishments of some creatures gradually rival his heavenly way no one knows the existence of the way of heaven, except the creator God. Even if you know the existence of heaven, you can't find him of course, one exception should be excluded, that is, a way of heaven was born in the world he created. The way of heaven in this situation is easy to find in the boundless universe, suddenly a voice woke him up. He bound the system. He, the way of heaven, returned to his own world. Started his wandering career.

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