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True magic fox biography

True magic fox biography

True magic fox biography

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    True magic fox biography
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    Yu Youling
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    Apple novel
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2023-04-01 04:30:55
Linghu has been handed down to this day. Only the holy ancestor can control nine forces comparable to the way of heaven. He is honored as Tianhu in a family that attaches great importance to blood qualification, can the hero of this biography achieve the supreme heavenly fox with ordinary blood qualification is it an attempt to pursue the main road beyond one's capacity? Or do you always believe that there are infinite possibilities in the future... the world of cultivating immortals must be a vast world, with cruel competition and the opportunity to change your life against the sky the immortal art shapes the foetus, turns it into a sword baby, opens the pulse and cultivates the true body, and hides the treasure at the end of the spirit the long road of cultivating the true life, makes a picture of suffering, and is free to find carefree and carefree, without fear of other people's eyes the magic pupil condenses the world, everything is satisfactory, accompanied by the rest of the true and illusory world, looking for ways and passing the years

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