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Observation record of wild pengluoke

Observation record of wild pengluoke

Observation record of wild pengluoke

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    Observation record of wild pengluoke
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    Feng Xiu wants to open a group
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    Yipin Books
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2022-09-23 13:17:56
Penglocke, also known as master traveler, has different biological forms, but they are destined to become strong, elegant and powerful mages. Usually, they will encounter like-minded organizations in multiple cosmic shuttles and this story is about a wild postnatal penglocke when Qi Yun, 15, was having a picnic with his family, he was poisoned by eating a mushroom by mistake. When his family drove him to the hospital, he mysteriously disappeared the mushroom changed his physique. He had the ability to go to any world at random, the same physique as lance, and a trait that made him sad and happy the story is about to begin (the protagonist of each volume is Qi Yun, but not the same person, and the author is a pure love warrior)

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